Elliott Kemp

Nationality: GBR Height: 195cm Age: 24
Course MSc (by Research) in Paediatrics
College Oriel College
University Oxford
Status Postgraduate
Role Rower

About Elliott:

Why did you choose MSc (by Research) in Paediatrics?

This course provides a great introduction to full time lab work. I am joining the Wood Group which is a lab dedicated to revolutionizing gene therapies that target a wide array of neurodegenerative disorders.

Why did you first try rowing?

Dad said I would be good as I am tall.

Who introduced you to the sport of rowing?

Katerina Kleshneva at Maidenhead Rowing Club

Where else have you rowed?

University of California, Berkeley

What are your proudest rowing achievements?

Two-time IRA National Champion (2022-Varsity, 2023-Second Varsity). National Schools Champ 4x Winner 2018.

Do you have a favourite Boat Race? Which one and why?

2003, Scott Fransden.

What would winning The Boat Race mean to you?

A lot

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