The Boat Race was first raced by crews from Oxford and Cambridge University in 1829 and is now one of the world’s oldest and most famous amateur sporting events, offering an unrivalled educational experience to the student athletes who take part.

The world-famous sporting event between the UK’s two greatest universities now spans 185 years of rivalry and The Boat Race has become synonymous with British tradition and excellence. The Boat Race has established itself as the epitome of amateur sport, raced by student athletes who combine academic rigour with elite physical prowess. There is no greater occasion.

The Boat Race takes place in London on the famous Championship Course that stretches over 4.25 miles of tidal Thames in West London
between Putney and Mortlake.

The Boat Race is regularly attended by over 250,000 spectators at the banks of the river and watched by millions more on television.

2022 will see the 167th Men’s Boat Race and the 76th Women’s Boat Race.

The Boat Race Company Limited (BRCL)

We at The Boat Race Company are honoured to deliver the event on behalf of the Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Clubs. We will continue to focus on operational excellence in all aspects and showcase the event’s heritage to grow reach and appeal.

We are committed to delivering a well-organised, safe race for the student athletes and clubs, and are working to create an inclusive, engaging experience for the local community, supporters, and the wider Boat Race family.

Our ambition is help build a better shared future and inspire others with the transformative potential of sport, while working sustainably to secure the longevity of the event.

The Boat Race Company is a company limited by Shares (no. 02544376) established by the Oxford and Cambridge Rowing Foundation to deliver the annual Boat Race between Cambridge University and Oxford University.

The Boat Race Company Board

The Boat Race Company Board consists of:

Siobhan Cassidy – Chair (Interim)

James Behrens – CUBC Board Representative

Fay Sandford – CUBC Board Representative

Clare Nicholls – Non-Executive Independent Board Director (Chair – Finance Committee)

George Gilbert – Non-Executive Independent Board Director (Chair – Race & Operations Committee)

Phelan Hill MBE – Non-Executive Independent Board Director (Chair – Marketing and Communications Committee)

Sara Kushma – OUWBC Board Representative

Seb Pearce – OUBC Chair and Board Representative

Jonny Searle MBE – Chair Oxford & Cambridge Rowing Foundation

Our strategy

Our Purpose
To deliver one of the highest profile rowing events in the world. We are privileged to be able to deliver one of the highest profile rowing events in the world. This event has a fantastic history with stories of human endeavour based on a simple rivalry..

Our Ambition
To use The Boat Race to inspire others because we believe in the transformative potential of sport and help build a better shared future.

Our Strategic Pillars
We aim to make our Purpose and Ambition a reality by delivering against our three strategic pillars:

Refresh and strengthen our heritage brand
The event has a unique place in the British psyche, attracting the interest of millions of people every year regardless of any connection to either university or rowing as a sport. To retain the reputation of the race we need continued focus on operational excellence in all aspects of what we do. We need to deliver a well organised, safe race for the student athletes and the Clubs, while creating an inclusive and engaging experience for the wider Boat Race family.

Help build a better shared future
We feel a responsibility to be able to use the reputation and reach of The Boat Race for a purpose beyond a race on the river. We want to make a difference to local communities – whether in London, Cambridge, Oxford or further afield. We want to be able use the profile of the race to inspire others because we believe in the transformative potential of sport.

Work sustainably
As the custodians of The Boat Race we have a responsibility to ensure the longevity of the event so ensuring financial sustainability will be a key driver. But we will also focus on delivering social and environmental sustainability. We will work with our partners and suppliers to ensure they also commit to working sustainably and in line with our purpose and values.

Our Values

Teamwork, Passion, Excellence
All this is underpinned by our values, which we embody in all our behaviours and interactions with with our community of supporters, partners and stakeholders.