10:00   River Closes – Preliminary road closures in place.

12:00     Fan Parks open  Bishops Park and Furnivall Gardens

13:00     Final road closures in place

13:55     Women’s Boat Race coin toss

14:05     Osiris v Blondie coin toss

14:40     The Men’s Boat Race coin toss

14:50     Isis v Goldie coin toss

15:30     BBC broadcast starts

16:00.    77th Women’s Boat Race

16:15     Osiris v Blondie Race

16:30     Isis v Goldie Boat Race

17:00     168th Men’s Boat Race

17:35     Women’s winning crew trophy presentation

17:45     Men’s winning crew trophy presentation

17:55     Women’s Boat Race Cox and Men’s Boat Race cox toss

17:59     High tide Putney (6.76m)

18:00     BBC broadcast ends

18:30     Fan Parks at Bishops Park and Furnivall Gardens close