The Oxford and Cambridge Rowing Foundation was established in 1985. Its objectives can broadly be described as providing facilities to support the education of students who may row in The Boat Race as well as to support the education and development of other youth rowers.

The Trustees of the Foundation comprise 5 representatives from each University. The Chair alternates between an Oxford representative and a Cambridge representative and the current Chair is Jonny Searle who took on the role in September 2021.

The Oxford and Cambridge Rowing Foundation is the sole shareholder in The Boat Race Company Limited, which is responsible for delivering The Boat Race.

The current Trustees are:

Jonny Searle (Chair)

Richard Jackson

Krystyna Nowak

Erin Kennedy

Bas Dixon

Fiona Morrison

Chris Le Neve Foster

David Finn

Hannah Roberts

David Wooton

Treasurer – James Orme

Secretary – Emma Padmore