The Boat Race and Gemini are incredibly proud to announce that five organisations have been awarded funding from The Boat Race Fund for the second year running. The organisations are:

  • Brixton Wings, London, 
  • Ely College, Cambridgeshire, 
  • The Firhill Youth Project and Community Sports Hub, Glasgow
  • LYR – Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield
  • Warrington Youth Rowing

The Boat Race and Gemini have a shared vision to remove barriers and increase inclusion in the sport. By supporting the work of dedicated and highly skilled organisations across the country we can play our part in empowering the next generation of rowers. The grassroots organisations receiving funding are in five cities around the UK and will enable young people, who may have never otherwise been able to access the sport, to get out on the water and get involved.

This funding will help to address some of the financial barriers that prospective rowers might face. It will introduce them to the sport on rowing machines in gyms at schools and on the water at local rowing clubs. The projects have been chosen because they engage and empower young people to develop technical, athletic and valuable life skills.

This winning combination enables participants to build the confidence, resilience and dynamism to realise their potential both on and off the water.

Stephanie Ramezan, Head of UK at Gemini said, “We’re thrilled to partner with The Boat Race to help broaden the event’s impact by increasing access to rowing facilities and education, and removing financial barriers that often prevent prospective athletes from participating in the sport of rowing. It’s an honor and a privilege to play a part in ensuring the longevity of such a treasured sporting event.”

Erin Kennedy, Boat Race Fund trustee said: “The Oxford and Cambridge Rowing Foundation are delighted to support five fantastic projects this year through The Boat Race Fund, supported by Gemini. OCRF and The Boat Race are committed to increasing access to our sport and widening participation amongst young rowers. This year’s beneficiaries are spread across the UK and share our passion for sharing our sport with young people who may not usually get the opportunity to try rowing. We are really excited to watch their projects grow and flourish this year with the assistance of The Boat Race Fund and we are very proud to be able to support such important work.”

Siobhan Cassidy, Chair of The Boat Race Company Limited said: ‘Everyone in The Boat Race community is passionate about education and rowing. We have all witnessed and experienced the transformative power of rowing, the discipline, the resilience, the camaraderie… We want as many young people as possible to have access to that same experience.

We know that there are significant barriers to many young people entering the sport, from equipment costs, to travel and general representation. That is why we are partnering with these six exceptional projects. We are proud to play our part in opening the sport to a new generation of young people.”

The Boat Race and Gemini recognise the important place sport holds in society for young people and in this post pandemic world, it is important we work with partner organisations, to build a path to a happier and healthier future for young people.