These crews are designed to be evenly matched. They are subject to change, right up to race day.

The squad used female figures of Greek mythology as their inspiration in choosing crew names. Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, wilderness, and the moon. While she was a companion to great hunters, she showed no mercy to those who opposed her, or her people.

Athena is the goddess of battle, strategy, and wisdom. With her warrior nature and careful thinking, she often backed ancient heroes.

Head Coach Andy Nelder said “After an autumn term of steady progress we are looking forward to seeing the team tested over the Boat Race course. The crews are mostly new to the Boat Race programme and are excited to have the opportunity to show their grit in a long tough encounter. The coaches are looking at potential line ups for March and the trials race gives us a clear look at people’s qualities under pressure.”

The Boats

Sara Helin, OUWBC President said: “Artemis and Athena were sometimes at odds and would support different sides of battles between mortals. Cross either at your peril!”