The world famous Henley Royal Regatta starts tomorrow and for six days the iconic stretch of river Thames will draw huge crowds of impeccably turned out spectators and be the stage for some of the most exciting and dramatic racing you’ll find (away from the Boat Race of course).

Much like the championship course that Oxford and Cambridge battle over each year, the Henley course has its own inherent challenges for crews to navigate. From the wind shadows created by the beautiful tall trees to the unforgiving wooden booms that line each side of the course, errors will not go unpunished.

This year there are numerous crews representing both universities as well as several alumni members racing for their current clubs in other events and with Henley Royal Regatta being broadcast live on youtube you won’t need to miss a single stroke of the action!

Crews that have qualified for the regatta:

The Island Challenge Cup – Women’s Student Eights

Oxford University Women’s Boat Club

Cox Zac Wilde, Stroke Esther Austin, Sarah Marshall, Claire Aitken, Alison Carrington, Freya Willis, Sophie Kamhi, Ella Stadler, Bow: Laurel Kaye

Racing starts on Wednesday, OUWBC will face Imperial College, London.

The Temple Challenge Cup – Men’s Student Eights

Cambridge University Boat Club

H.A.M. Fieldhouse (St. John’s), G. Vartan (Homerton), J.L.H. Holey (St. Catharine’s), O.R.H Morley (Girton), C.A. Mackenzie (Caius), B.R. Jones (Magdalene), R.L.D. Gray (St. Catharine’s), T.W. Heppel (St. Catharine’s), T.S. Senthilnathan (Girton)

Isis Boat Club (Oxford)

Oly Featherstone (b), Matt Hudson, Alex Underwood, Andrew Taylor, Max Ronte, Adam Pattenden, Will Loosley, Zac Abel (s), Rollo Orme (cox)

Racing starts on Tuesday (27/6), Cambridge face Durham University ‘C’ at 11:10 and Isis face the selected crew of King’s College, Queensland AUS at 18:45.

The Prince Albert Challenge Cup – Men’s Student Coxed Fours

Cambridge University Boat Club

S.C.W. Hayes (Jesus), R.R. Boericke (Girton), L.D.S. Beever (Emmanuel), C.A..H. Spiers (Downing), O.S. Boyne (Downing)

Racing starts on Wednesday, Cambridge have been selected and will face Adams House, Harvard University USA.

The Ladies’ Challenge Plate – Men’s Intermediate Eights

Leander Club and Oxford University

Saxon Stacey and Fred Orpin

Oxford University and Leander Club

James Forward

Oxford Brookes ‘A’

James Doran

Racing starts on Friday, Leander Club and Oxford University will race the selected crew of Oxford Brookes University ‘A’ and the selected Oxford University and Leander Club will race the Dutch Composite of A.R.S.R. Skadi & D.S.R. Proteus-Eretes, Netherlands.

The Visitors’ Challenge Cup – Men’s Intermediate Fours

Isis Boat Club & London Rowing Club

Andrew Wakefield (Isis)

Cambridge University Boat Club

L.D. Ferraro (King’s), T.E. Lynch (Hughes Hall), B.W.R. Taylor (Queens’), O.P.W. Parish (Peterhouse)

Racing starts on Thursday, Isis Boat Club & London Rowing Club will race the selected Oxford Brookes University and Cambridge University Boat Club who have also been selected will race R.C. Alle., Hamburg & Hamburger und Germ. R.C., Germany.

The Silver Goblets & Nickalls’ Challenge Cup – Men’s Open Coxless Pairs

Cambridge University

N.D. Moulle (Hughes Hall) and S.L.R. Benzecry (Jesus)

Oxford University

O. Ernst & C. M. Andrews (Isis Boat Club)

R. S. Stacey & T. J. Rigney (Isis Boat Club)


H. Wynne-Griffith & T. J. E. George (Leander Club)

Racing starts on Friday, Moulle and Benzecry will race Walkey and Cullen, the selected crew from Canada, Stacey and Rigney will race Brouwer and van Veen from the Netherlands and Ernst and Andrews will face the GB pair and Cambridge Alumni Wynne-Griffith and George.

The Hambleden Pairs Challenge Cup – Women’s Open Coxless Pairs

Cambridge University

T. Bastian (Jesus) and C. Dempsey (Newnham)


Amelia Standing and Juliet Perry (Leander Club)

Racing starts on Thursday for Standing and Perry who will race Danes Schanze and Pedersen with the winner of this race progressing to Friday where they will face the Cambridge Pair of Bastian and Dempsey.

The Princess Royal Challenge Cup – Women’s Open Single Sculls

Cambridge University

F.B. Keto (St. Edmund’s)

Freya’s first race will be on Thursday against Hazel Wake, former OUWLRC rower now rowing for City of Oxford RC.

The Diamond Challenge Sculls – Men’s Open Single Sculls


D.A. Alizadeh (London Rowing Club)

Dara’s first race will be on Wednesday against W.E.Young of Cambridge ’99 Boat Club

The Grand Challenge Cup – Men’s Open Eights

GB Men’s 8+ racing as Oxford Brookes University and Leander Club

Charlie Elwes

Racing starts and finishes with a straight final on Sunday, Charlie and his crew will be racing the Canadian Eight.

The Remenham Challenge Cup – Women’s Open Eights

GB Women’s 8+ racing as Leander Club ‘A’

Cox: Henry Fieldman

Henry and his crew will have their first race on Friday against Princeton University, USA.

The Stewards Challenge Cup – Men’s Open Fours

GB Men’s 4- racing as Oxford Brookes University

Freddie Davidson & Dave Ambler will face the winner of Thames ‘A’ v Thames ‘B’ with their crewmates on Sunday.

The Wyfold Challenge Cup – Men’s Club Fours

Crabtree Boat Club

Sam Wilson (Goldie ’17), Charlie Fisher, Ben Aldous, and Reggie Mitchell (4 year Goldie)

Racing starts on Tuesday for this crew when they’ll face holders Thames ‘A’ at 14:45.

Did Not Qualify:

Oxford University Women’s Boat Club ‘B’ THE ISLAND CHALLENGE CUP
Oxford University Women’s Boat Club ‘C’ THE ISLAND CHALLENGE CUP
London Rowing Club and Isis Boat Club THE LADIES’ CHALLENGE PLATE
B. C. C. Aldous & C. A. Fisher (Crabtree Boat Club) THE SILVER GOBLETS & NICKALLS’ CHALLENGE CUP
G. L. King & M. A. Foxell (Cambridge University) THE HAMBLEDEN PAIRS CHALLENGE CUP
M. J. Edge (Cambridge University) THE DIAMOND CHALLENGE SCULLS