This weekend (29th April – 1st May 2023) will see the annual British Universities and Colleges Sports Rowing Championships take place at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham and there will be no shortage of representation from Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

In total there will be 58 crews representing Cambridge University and 30 crews representing Oxford which will include crews all the way from college level right up to crews containing 2023 Blues, all competing together under the university banner.

BUCS Regatta is an excellent day out where you can see world class performances from some of the top student crews in the world whilst also enjoying everything the sport has to offer at the grass roots level too.But for those of you who can’t make the journey but would love to watch some of the racing the event is also live streamed.

Live Streams: Saturday / Sunday / Monday

And for timetables of racing and results you can find everything you’ll need here on the BUCS website.

Below is a complete breakdown of Oxford and Cambridge crews racing, if you’d like to be sure to receive updates on CUBC, OUBC and OUWBC results be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Good luck to everyone racing and keep an eye out for some of this year’s boat race heroes!


Event Cambridge Oxford
M Int Lwt 1x 2 1
M Ch Lwt 1x 1
W Int 2- 5 5
W Ch 2- 2 1
W Ch Lwt 2x 1
M Ch Lwt 4- 1 2
M Int 1x 3
M Ch 1x 2
W Beginner 8+ 3
M Beginner 4+ 2
W Ch 4x 1
M Int 8+ 2


Event Cambridge Oxford
W Int Lwt 1x 1
W Ch Lwt 1x 1
W Int 1x 3 4
W Ch 1x 2
W Ch Lwt 4- 1
M Ch Lwt 2x 2 1
M Beginner 8+ 2
M Ch 4+ 1
M Ch 4- 1
W Int 8+ 3 3
W Beginner 4+ 1


Event Cambridge Oxford
W Int Lwt 2- 3
M Int Lwt 2- 3 2
W Int 4+ 5 4
W Ch 4+ 1
M Int 2- 1
M Ch 2- 2
W Int Lwt 4x 1
M Int Lwt 4x 1
W Ch 4- 1
W Int 2x 1 2
W Ch 2x 1