With The Gemini Boat Race fast approaching on 26 March all eyes were on OUBC and OUWBC for the last set of live fixtures against Oxford Brookes and Leander

Ahead of tomorrow’s feature length report from Tom Ransley – here are the official results and livestream playbacks.

The 26th of March is fast approaching, and there is only one final round of racing before the crews go head to head on Boat Race day.

Full stream

Results and Crew Lists

14:20 Oxford Women’s Blue Boat v Oxford Brookes ‘A’
Umpires: Matt Smith & Sarah Langslow
Pieces: Start to Crossing Point

RESULTS: Oxford Brookes ‘A’ WON by 6 lengths 

Watch Oxford Women’s Blue Boat v Oxford Brookes ‘A’

OUWBC Blue Boat

Bow: Laurel Kaye

Claire Aitken

Sara Helin

Freya Willis

Alison Carrington

Ella Stadler

Sarah Marshall

Stroke: Esther Austin

Cox: Tara Slade

Oxford Brookes ‘A’

Stroke: Brenna Randall

7: Claire Feerick

6: Grace Richards

5: Rhianna Sumpter

4: Jenny Bates

3: Arianna Forde

2: Orren Smeding

Bow: Martha Birtles

Cox: Sofia Bernal

15:00 Osiris v Oxford Brookes ‘B’
Umpire: Caroline Lytton
Pieces: Start to Crossing Point 


Piece 1: Oxford Brookes WON by 4L 

Piece 2: NO RESULT 

After an aggressive start from both crews and some clashing, Brookes began to draw away… However there was no official result due to disruption from river traffic.

Watch 15:00 Osiris v Oxford Brookes ‘B’


Bow: Sophie Kamhi

2: Kate Friesen

3: Helen Nielson-Scott

4: Maria Nielson – Scott

5: Phoebe Mountain

6: Lilli Frieschem

7: Barbora Hlachova

Stroke: Juliet Russell

Cox: Anna Betteridge


Bow: Kate McNulty

2: Jemima Furness

3: Jasmine Bowers

4: Alexandra Natale

5: Emily Letton

6: Chelsea Armstrong

7: Anna Bloomer

Stroke: Beth Dutton

Cox: Emily Mears

15:35 Isis v Leander ‘B’
Umpire: Clare Harvey

Piece: Start to Chiswick Steps

RESULTS Leander WON by 1 length 

Watch Isis v Leander ‘B’


Bow Colson Andrews

2: Andrew Wakefield

3: Pete Denton

4: Nick Elkington

5: Anthony Kenny

6: Saxon Stacey

7: Harry Amad

Str:Jan Ole Ernst

Cox: Louis Corrigan

Leander Men 2

Bow: Tristian Grainge

2: Matt Fielding

3: Oliver Costly 

4: Bryn Ellery 

5: Joseph Adamson 

6: Jack Keating 

7: Bruce Turnell 

Stroke: Rory Harris 

Cox:  Sonya Gladstone

15:50 Oxford Men’s Blue Boat v Leander ‘A’
Umpire: Sarah Winkless

Piece: Start to Chiswick Steps 

RESULTS: Oxford Men’s Blue Boat WON by 1 1/4 lengths 

Watch Oxford Men’s Blue Boat v Leander ‘A’

OUBC Blue Boat

Bow: James Forward

2: Alex Bebb

3: Freddy Orpin

4: Tom Sharrock

5: James Doran

6:Jean-Philippe Dufour

7: Tassilo von Mueller

Stroke: Felix Drinkall

Cox: Anna O’Hanlon

Leander Men

Bow: Tom Ballinger 

2: Miles Deveraux 

3: James Vogel 

4: Nick Farrell 

5: Rudolph Querfeld

6: Mattijs Holler  

7: Dan Graham  

Stroke: Josh Bowesman-Jones  

Cox: Jack Tottem

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Non – Livestreamed Fixtures

15:20 Cambridge Women’s Blue Boat v Leander Women
Umpire: Matt Smith

Pieces 1: Start to Harrods RESULT Cambridge Women’s Blue Boat WON by 1/3 length 

Piece 2: Harrods to Steps RESULT: Leander WON by 1length 

Piece 3: Steps to Finish RESULT: Leander WON by 1/2 length 

CUBC Women’s Blue Boat

Bow: Carina Graf

2: Rosa  Millard

3: Alex Riddell-Webster

4: Jenna Armstrong

5: Freya Keto

6: Isabelle Bastian

7: Claire Brillon

Stroke: Caoimhe Dempsey

Cox: James Trotman

Leander Women’s 1: 

Bow: Grace Denning-Smitherman

2: Laura McKenzie

3: Tash Morrice

4: Tricia Smith

5: Franny Hunt-Davis

6: Abbie Bird

7: Amelia Standing

Stroke: Abigail Topp

Cox: George Farthing

14:40 Blondie v Leander Women 2
Umpire: Judith Packer

Piece 1 – Start to Chiswick Eyot (CUBC Surrey): RESULT Leander WON by 4 lengths 

Piece 2 – Chiswick Eyot to Finish (CUBC on Middlesex – rolling start): RESULT Leander WON by 2 lengths 

Notes (CUBC had a 2-3 length head-start on Piece 2) 


Bow: Gemma King

2: Molly Foxell

3: Inis Powell

4: Hanna Prince

5: Clare Hole

6: Carys Earl

7: Janeska de Jonge

Stroke: Nicky Wojtania

Cox: Kate Crowley


Leander Women ‘2’

Bow: Olivia Hill

2: Isabel Liabres-Diaz

3: Laura Burton

4: Issy Powell

5: Cameron Nyland

6: Alice Ives

7: Meg Halpin

Stroke: Helen Kirkpatrick

Cox: Katy Ward