Established in 1988, Henley Women’s Regatta has grown to become the premier regatta for women in the UK with over 1500 athletes from all over the world converging on Henley-on-Thames each year to race between the booms and have a chance of being crowned a HWR champion.

For many crews it marks the end of a long grueling season there’ll be no holding back as they take that first stroke on the start line knowing that if they don’t win, it may well be their last race together.

For Oxford and Cambridge crews it marks an opportunity to do many things. For some athletes it will be an opportunity for them to race one last time for their university before they move on to the next stage of their life while for others it’s a chance to develop their racing skills, impress the coaches and take one step closer to being in a Blue Boat and lining up at the start to make history on 30th March 2024.

Please find below a list of the crews that are entered, all crews are required to take part in a time trial before the racing draw is published so make sure you check out the HWR website for updates and results.

Ch 1x : The George Innes Cup
83 Cambridge University (A) F. Keto (Blue Boat ’23)

Ch Lwt 1x : Godfrey Rowsports Trophy
540 Oxford ULWRC (A) R. Thorogood

Ch 2- : The Redgrave Challenge Vase
91 Oxford UWBC (A) L. Kaye (Blue Boat ’23), C. Aitken (Blue Boat ’23)

Ch Lwt 2- : The Parkside Trophy
287 Cambridge University (A) M. Jackson, O. Alliott

AA 4- : The Cathy Cruickshank Trophy
292 Oxford UWBC P. Mountain, L. Freischem, M. Nielsen-Scott, J. Russell

D 4+ : The Frank V Harry Cup
343 Oxford UWBC (A) G. Glover, R. Mullin, C. Howgate, H. Cooper, [Cox] F. Jordan
351 Oxford UWBC (B) L. Rolvers, M. Hall, I. Rocroi, T. Macaulay, [Cox] B. Phillips

AA 8+ : The Colgan Foundation Cup
42 Oxford UWBC (B) T. Spindler, K. Taylor, A. Lowe, A. Troup, A. Prager, E. Dutton, A. Robinson, J. Astley, [Cox] A. Burdess