First Fixture of 2023

Cambridge Women v Oxford Brookes

In sixty days’ time Oxford and Cambridge Women’s crews will face each other for the 77th Women’s Boat Race on 26 March 2023.

As part of the intense training and preparation in the lead up to The Gemini Boat Race, the first fixture of 2023 will take place on 22 January. CUBC Women will face Oxford Brookes in a series of set pieces along the Championship Course.

Coaches Patrick Ryan and Autumn Mantell will use the insights gleaned from this Sunday’s races to draft their blue boat and Blondie crews.

Racing is set to start at 12:15 with results posted on our social media and website when they become available.

Our upcoming fixture schedule is here.

Fixtures on 5 February and 12 March will be livestreamed here.

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The Crews

CUBC 1 ‘Blue Boat’ v BROOKES 1 12:15
Piece 1: Start to Chiswick Evot
Piece 2: Barn Elms to Chiswick Steps
UMPIRE – Matthew Holland

CUBC 2 ‘Blondie’ v BROOKES 2 12:30

Piece 1: Start to Harrods
Piece 2: Barn Elms to SPSBC
Piece 3: Mile post to Chiswick Steps
UMPIRE: Caroline Lytton