December 7, 2018

OUBC Trial Eights report

This year, Oxford’s Men chose to name their crews, Reggie and Flea. These are the nicknames of the first, Second Lieutenant Reginald Fletcher, and the last, ...
November 23, 2018
A crew rows across glimmering water on the Thames.

Trial Eights dates confirmed

The dates for Trial Eights have been confirmed, as the four Clubs look to continue their preparations for The Boat Race 2019. Just like Boat Race ...
November 12, 2018
Oxford and Cambridge Crews Clash in The Fours Head

Boat Race athletes make time to compete British Rowing Team trials

There was plenty of blue present at the first set of British Rowing Team trials in Boston this weekend, as a 2km ergo on the Saturday ...
November 10, 2018

Challenges accepted

“I accept your challenge.” Four words that symbolise the official start of the campaigns to win The Boat Race. Held in the crypts of Guildhall, the ...