December 10, 2014
BNY Mellon Boat Race Trial VIIIs Report

BNY Mellon Boat Race Trial VIIIs Report

Today was the turn of the Men’s Clubs to take to the Championship Course for what promised to be an exciting day of racing. Oxford were ...
December 9, 2014
Newton Women's Boat race Trial VIIIs Coaches' Comments

Newton Women’s Boat race Trial VIIIs Coaches’ Comments

After the Newton Women’s Trial Eights yesterday, the coaches offered their view on the racing that had taken place. The first race saw the Oxford University ...
December 9, 2014
2014 Newton Woman's Boat Race Trial VIIIs Report

2014 Newton Woman’s Boat Race Trial VIIIs Report

The Championship Course whipped up a stern test for the Newton Women’s Boat Race Trial Eights today as both clubs continued their progress towards April 11th ...
December 9, 2014
Oxford Newton Women's Trial VIIIs Crews Finalised

Oxford Newton Women’s Trial VIIIs Crews Finalised

For the Oxford University Women’s Boat Club, ‘Real Life’ will race ‘Fantasy’. Fantasy won the toss and chose the Surrey Station. The Race will begin at ...